Eggs, more eggs and more ideas

What is this yellow source anyway?

Yellow source is a website created to archive my ideas about radioamateur, computers, electronics, music and Science. Alot of my ideas are not fully completed or even have a proove of concept, bare that in mind! The most important purpose is to get you going with the ideas presented in here.

I started this website about roughly a decade ago with the intention to archive my ideas and as an easy way to share it with my friends and collegaes. Since i am conducting regular broadcasts on our local repeater station (hamradio), i will provide references on this website as well under the section radio.

As far as possible all links to related content on other sides are included. As a scientist i hate it too when no meaningfull resources are provided.

Work in progress

Most of the articles on this website are work in progress and are updated as i see fit.