Callsign repeater: PI3ZLB

On regular basis i serve as an oparator for the scheduled Sunday morning broadcasts at 11:00am (CET). conducted under my call sign PD4Z.

Input frequency: 145,125 MHz
Output frequency: 145,725 MHz
Modus: FM (12,5 kHz)
Location: A79 nearby Hulsberg
Coordinates: OL 5° 50′ 52,0″, NB 50° 53′ 1,5″
Antenna height: 150m above N.A.P.
Repeater: Spectra MX800
Antenna: Diamond X200N
Coax: 35m Ecoflex 10 plus
Control: SVXLink op Raspberry Pi 3B
Operating System: Raspbian Stretch
Audio and hardware control: Hamserverpi

More information about this repeater can be found here.