Debian operating system

Why i use Debian

There are several reasons i use Debian as my main distribution:

  • It has a unique package management system that has a ton of options to easily manage it, or even construct your own packages.
  • It has proven stable repository that is also focused on security. That makes Debian Stable the best distribution where security is needed.
  • For testing new systems or even experiment with bleeding edge code, debian provides several nifty codebases to do so or even the possibility to grab newer code out of SID or experimental code repository.
  • Recompiling packages is easy and ensures that it is quite simple to see changes from the release notes back in code.
  • Alot of packages have a GIT repository, which makes its easy to extend the code with code of your own.
  • Debian has a long time proven track record.

Where to find more information about Debian?

Nothing beats a good book, specially if it is digital obtainable too. The Debian administrators handbook.

There is a Dutch Wikipedia article Debian wiki.

If you want to build your own packages or learn in depth how package management on Debian systems work. This is for you Debian New Maintainers Guide.

Not enough yet?

You can delve knee deep into the heart of Debians operating system i.e. the linux kernel.

This is not for the faint of heart tho, but as with everything, complexity is just a large number of small problems and challenges which need to be addressed all in detail. This takes time to learn. Bee stubborn! For the current Debian system and kernels in progress for Debian you can find all information on the Packages overview for Debian Kernel Team.

You want to build or rebuild your own kernel for the Debian system? You can find information here.

You only wanted to do Administration on a Debian system or learn how to do just that? Then this page is for you.

More to come. For the time being, have fun, studying your fine Operating System called Debian.

More specific questions?

Connect to freenode and join the #debian channel. Hundreds of people like you are studying or expanding there skills on the Debian operating system and provide help if you have 'specific' questions.

Have fun.